that dish: chivito cholesterol bomb

It’s almost time for my yearly New Years travels so I’ve decided to look back at one of my favorite bites from over the years. Uruguay may not be known for salty and succulent steaks like Argentina or Brazil, but the national sandwich should be given a medal.

For a country known for Punta del Este and the city’s hot beach scene, the chivito is not a dainty bite as one may suspect it would be. A hearty sandwich that packs enough cholesterol for a year, the chivito is ubiquitous across the country and especially in the South American beach town.


photo courtesy of Le Blog

Thinly sliced fine churrasco beef, mozzarella, tomato, mayo, olives, fried egg and ham on a bun are all integral components to the heart-attack-on-a-plate that has become somewhat the symbol of Uruguay. And while the chivito may sound like somewhat of a clusterf*ck, it’s really quite divine. The flavors of salt and fat are greeted with a layer of slight sweetness that instantly melts in your mouth.

The perfect balance of all things a sandwich should be- the chivito is the ideal meal to fuel you through Punta del Este’s wild nights or to cure the unavoidable hangover that results from them.

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