just because: spontaneous travel

Luke Harding has taken last minute travel to the next level. The 19-year-old from the town of Oldham in Manchester, England went out for a night of drinking with his friends and ended up the next morning in Paris.

Apparently on his way home he epitomized the Millennial generation and booked a flight to the City of Lights from the car on his phone. A taxi re-direct later and Harding was at the Manchester Airport and on an early morning flight to Charles de Gaulle.

iPhone's come in handy when it comes to capturing the moment

iPhone’s come in handy when it comes to capturing the moment

Harding doesn’t remember much of the journey, just waking up in an airport toilet with eight hours to go before his return flight home. Obviously he did what any good Millennial would do in his position- head straight into the city, find a croissant and tweet/instagram his day long adventure to his friends back in Manchester.

it didn't happen it you didn't instagram it

it didn’t happen it you didn’t instagram it

gotta live tweet the adventure

gotta live tweet the adventure

Having his passport in hand to prove he was of legal drink age Harding’s last minute jaunt to Paris proves the relative ease of travel today. Perhaps we should take advantage of that affluence and comfort more often. Not that I recommend getting drunk and finding yourself on a flight, but I do think we could all use a little more spontaneity in our lives.

And really, who’s day wouldn’t be better with a little Eiffel Tower action and a croissant?

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