that find: eating on the cheap(er)

Dining out is an integral part of traveling and living, especially in my hometown New York City. On vacation it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner and when I’m home there’s always a new restaurant I want to try or a dinner with friends to be had.

Eating out for every meal on a trip or just going out to dinner a couple times of week can get to be quite the pricey endeavor. Thankfully, for those who know- and now you do – Blackboard Eats can help quell the fear that blankets a table once the waiter has put the check on it.



Blackboard Eats offers insider specials and dining deals across New York as well as Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Deals vary and offers include everything from a free appetizer to a pretty discount off your meal. I recently received a code for a 30% discount off one of my favorite restaurants, NYC’s meat-and-cheese centric West Village haunt Swine. Clearly, I made a reservation for dinner there by the end of the week.


Dining deals are  always great but the best part about Blackboard Eats is that the discount codes are 100% free. The only thing members need to do is submit their email to start receiving fab dining deals available across town. For those who would like a little longer to use the offers or are looking for a little something extra, VIP membership is just $25 for the first year and $5 for every year after.

If you haven’t heard about Blackboard Eats before you can thank me later. Go sign up and start your abated eating out in the city.

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