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Millennial travelers pose an interesting challenge for hoteliers around the world. Bare bones and bunk beds won’t do and the same goes for the formal, prim or sterile. We no longer want to stay in the crowded and rowdy hostels of our youth, nor do we want to spend our entire travel budget on one night’s hotel. Millennials want their hotels to be cool, located in the “in” sections of town and reflect our personalities in every detail from the lobby to our in room bathrooms.

That is the ultimate Millennial hotel find: a place for young travelers to gather that while doesn’t break the bank is not super budget and still exude über chic through every hotel pore. Though these types of accommodations don’t yet exist in every city everywhere, many of the up and coming travel destinations of the world have smartly taken note.


On a recent trip to Colombia I had the pleasure of spending an evening at the Click Clack Hotel, a stylish building located just off the Bogota’s renowned and ritzy Parque 93. Though the hotel is in an area surrounded by the fashionable bars and restaurants the Colombian Jet Set call home, one doesn’t even have to leave the premises to experience the glitz and glamour of Bogota.


From the moment I stepped into the Click Clack’s clean, modern and with a touch of quirky lobby I knew I was home. The staff was young and helpful but not overly so. The decor I wished my luggage was big enough to allow me to take home and the vibe was one of a place I’d be happy to stay for far longer than one night.


The rooms themselves are tastefully decorated. In addition to standard plush hotel bedding, additional blankets are rolled up in a stylish leather carrying case on the bed and every detail from the door knobs to terrariums and technology are thought through to represent the very best of quirky Colombian cool.


The restaurant and bar downstairs feels more like a chic cafe then a hotel dining room, and at night the bar is one of the hottest places in town. The guests and visitors that move through the Click Clack are every bit a part of the atmosphere as well. I’m not sure if it’s the hotel that draws the crowd or the crowd that defines the hotel, but the people at the Click Clack fit the description. During my stay I saw more than one fashion photo shoot, an A Small World Gathering and what seemed to be a private dinner for a local celebrity.


It’s easy to think that a night at the Click Clack Hotel would be a lavish luxury, and not so long ago this would have probably been the case. But it seems as if the Click Clack understands the Millennial mindset and wants to draw us in; a night at the hotel cost me just around $100 USD. I hope to go back to Bogota soon for a number of reasons but also to spend a few more nights staying at the Click Clack.

Photos courtesy of the Click Clack Hotel

Click Clack Hotel, Cr 11 No. 93 -77 Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 743 04 04,

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