just because: hold on a little longer

On 8 November 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, ravaging the beautiful archipelago nation in what is considered to be the most devastating storms in modern history. Officials estimate Typhoon Haiyan has killed over 10,000 people leveling towns and cities across the central Philippines in a manner, reminding many of the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in early 2005.

Three days after the storm made landfall, residents of the central Philippines are still reeling from the unprecedented wind and water that swept away much of the unprepared region.

Apocalyptic scenes of death and destruction have taken over the news replacing the images of the resilient and incredibly beautiful country that I fell in love with just a few years ago. While it is important to understand the horror that is currently enveloping the Philippines, I think it is important to also honor images of the warm, friendly and awe-inspiring people and landscape that are the essence of the nation.

My ode to the Philippines, below.










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