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Oftentimes it can be hard to sift through the mountain of user generated content and reviews that have become the go-to travel planning tools for today’s travelers. Thousands of people from around the world contribute to sites such as TripAdvisor, TravBuddy or Yelp which makes each an invaluable resource. However, knowing whether the contributor is someone who likes to travel the way you do is almost impossible.

That’s where Gogobot comes in. Leveraging social media to help consumers with trip planning, the site aggregates hotel reviews, things to do, unmissable attractions and must eat bites around the globe through their own social network. Though already cutting down much of the user review clutter, Gogobot is taking things to the next level.


The website and corresponding app just launched a new “Tribes” feature where consumers can join various niche groups based on their travel needs and read the suggestions specifically relevant to each. For example Luxury Travelers looking for a restaurant in New York City may be presented with recommendations that include Le Bernardin or Daniel. Foodies on the other hand would most likely see restaurants such as Chez Sardine, Pok Pok NY or Mission Chinese on their recommended dining list. Same goes for those more closely aligned with the Family, Adventure Travel or Backpacking sets amongst a number of other travel type groups.

Making the review world even that much better, Gogobot does not make the traveler chose just one tribe to which they feel they belong. Memberships in multiple tribes allow the consumer to really tailor their review lists to exactly the sort of trip they want to have this time. Backpackers who are also Foodies, for instance, would very likely see New York slice mecca Di Fara pop up on their recommended eats list. Tribe affiliations can be changed as frequently as your travels. One can easily join the Foodie group before a trip to Paris  or Spain and just as easily join Adventure Travelers before heading on a trekking trip to India or Costa Rica.

I know this new feature is one I can’t wait to use. In a world where it’s hard to determine what user generated content to trust, Gogobot‘s new feature cuts through the clutter, leaving the traveler with only the information they want and need to know.

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