that find: a drink on the rocks

It’s no secret that Croatia is quickly becoming one of the must stop countries on any summer European itinerary. The country is home to a rich history set against the backdrop of the Adriatic. Dubrovnik, perhaps, embodies the very best of the Croatian best. The white walled city is popular with tourists ranging from young party animals to those of a more mature set.

While the activities that each group engages with in the city may be different, Buza Bar is something all travelers to Dubrovnik can enjoy, that is if they can find it. Hidden along the rocky crags of Dubrovnik’s outer walls, Buza Bar I and II are the perfect place to grab a light lunch, an aperitif or catch the sunset.


Views, drinks and atmosphere make a visit to Buza Bar I or II an easy decision. The hard part about Buza is finding it. From the heart of the old city it’s a walk up the walls and literally through a whole in one of them. The only sign acknowledging Buza states “cold drinks with the most beautiful view” which is certainly the truth. Once cliffside it becomes quickly apparent that the cat and mouse game to find Buza was worth it.


The crowd at Buza is cool and refined with drinks to match. Many come to Buza Bar to spend the day, lounging on the rocks which serve as beach and soaking up the rich sun. Others come just to enjoy the ferociously vibrant sun setting over the Adriatic. From the day party to a classy evening affair the awe inspiring views of Southern Dalmatia are added bonus.


No matter your reason for catching a cocktail at Buza Bar I or II, if you’re visiting Dubrovnik just make sure that you do. Though at this point everyone goes to Buza Bar, some tourist cliches are still worth the hype. This drink on the rocks is not one that will disappoint.

Getting to Buza Bar:

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