that dish: renegade nom

It’s come to my attention that I’ve become known for my, as one friend puts it, “street food foraging” style of eating while traveling. I often say I like to eat my way through continents and it’s true. Street food foraging is not simply just eating a meal at a street stall or food stand. It’s more of an art. It’s the resolve behind dedicating oneself to pick up only bites, bit literally walk through a city and taste it, picking up a snack here and a bite there.

street stall dining

street stall dining

Street food foraging resembles the tapas style dining I enjoy so much while at home. Instead of sitting down to one meal, I enjoy a few. I don’t need a whole plate of one thing, I’d much prefer little bites of many.When traveling this couldn’t be more true. Food is a great window into a culture. The little bites we pick up along the way are insights into the history, religion, geography and people that define a place. The compilation of these tastes are some of the best meals I’ve ever had- like a seven course chefs table, only in my version, each plate is served at a different street stall.

Philippines nom

Philippines nom

I’ve already planned my street food tours for my upcoming trip to France, Croatia and Montenegro. Along with experiencing the visual beauty of each destination, I plan on indulging in the gastronomic delights of each as well. And yes, while I do enjoy sitting down for a meal (and have a few reservations confirmed already), I enjoy my renegade style of eating much more.

bottoms up!

bottoms up!

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