that dish: airline dining

Is the airline food your favorite thing about flying? I didn’t think so.

Well, Delta Air Lines is looking to change that.  Major changes have been happening to better the dining options available to travelers at the airport, and now Delta Air Lines is taking this strategy to the friendly skies. The airline has been working with celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein to upgrade the quality of their in-flight fare. Luckily, for those who are curious to try the new offerings, you don’t need to purchase a ticket to do so.

Beginning today, Delta Air Lines will relocate in part to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood in the form of T4X,  a pop-up experiential restaurant to promote the new bites.

Open to visitors on Tuesdays through Sundays between 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, T4X the perfect stop for a lunchtime getaway. Meals at T4X are much cheaper than what you’ll have to pay to sample them in the air; each meal will be available for only $4.

hopefully the menu at T4X won't resemble any of these (photo courtesy of myamusedbouche)

hopefully the menu at T4X won’t resemble any of these (photo courtesy of myamusedbouche)

Make sure to stop by before May 22nd, when Delta will shift focus to opening it’s actual 1.4 billion dollar terminal space at JFK.

T4X, 376 West Broadway, Tues-Sun 11AM- 3PM

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