that time: i miss my friends

As  I’m sure you’ve realized it by now I travel quite often, rarely refusing the opportunity for a new adventure. Sometimes, as was the case last summer, my journey’s take me away for months at a time. People often ask, how I do it- how I can move so often and constantly from one destination to the next with nothing my my suitcase, kindle and camera in tow.

The truth is, it’s not easy. But the difficulties for me are not what you may expect. I can do without the comfort of my apartment, first world stores and other material goods. I actually revel in exploring multiple new locations as much as I enjoy spending periods of time in one. To me, travel is an endorphine rush I can’t quite get through any other medium and one I have come to ache for.

I live to travel, one can probably even go as far as to say I’m addicted. And like all addictions, travel too has serious side effects. For me, the most daunting is actually pretty simple, I miss my friends.

My experiences have taken me to far-flung places, have allowed me to experience the wildest adventures and have given me an education one could never formally receive in school. However, my traveling has also caused me to miss multiple birthdays, dinners and moments of bonding with my friends I will never be able to recreate. Last summer I may have been traipsing through Europe or lounging on Tel Aviv’s pristine beaches, but I was not at the rooftop barbecues and did not experience the weekly 1PM summer friday exodus East that define New York City summers and are the shared practicalities my friends and I have grown closer through.

A pseudo only child (I have two much older siblings I have never actually lived with), my friends are my family. They are who I turn to when I am in pain, in need or just want to have fun. Though I don’t regret my travels, the times I have missed with my friends and know I will miss in the future, haunt me.

After my European excursion this summer it looks like life will take me on another extended trip (I’ll post more specific details soon). I’m excited for the opportunity  and for the guaranteed adventure that is sure to come with my three month abroad stint. While I really have no reason not to leave, my friends are every reason why I would stay.

I guess the point of this post is to say “thank you” to those friends. Thank you for being there while I’m gone and always when I return. For making sure things never change and that no matter where in the world I am, we always keep in touch. I’m excited about the opportunity I will soon embark on, but know the whole time I’ll be thinking of you.


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