that find: a real adventure

Just want to get away and get away cheap? Up for a little adventure? Then GetGoing is the site for you.

The catch? The site will get you the big discount you’re looking for, but they also chose where you’ll be going.


It’s easy to get bogged down in all the details of travel and that’s exactly why GetGoing is here, to let the explorer in you have a chance to play. Travelers tell the site what type of experience they are looking for (ie: beach, mountain, adventure, culture, etc) and for how long. GetGoing will then provide dates and flight times, from which those who like the element of surprise can chose two ideal trips. From there, the rest of the decision making is totally hands off. Based on your choices and airline discounts available, GetGoing decides which of the two trips to book.


It’s that easy. With just a few short clicks you’ll be on your intrepid way :)

*Hotel and package deals to come soon too!

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