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With only a few weeks left in ski season rush over to Killington and get yourself some of these Latin treats. Tucked at the halfway base of Skye Peak, Ana’s Empanadas bring Latin flavor to Killington Mountain.

latin flavors await

flavor and warmth found inside

bienvenidos a ana's

bienvenidos a Ana’s

The small hut is the perfect stop for a ski break snack, offering eight versions of their hand-made baked empanadas. Skiers have the option of getting a plate of only one flavor or mixing them up to try them all. The stuffed packets of rich goodness may big small but they are big on flavor. Argentine Chorizo kicks it up with a hit of spice but for those that like it hot, a dip into the bold chimichurri sauce will add a touch more heat. The Buenos Aires Beef mixes the savory ingredients with a little bit of sweet. The four vegetarian options are both cheesy and sweet, rounding out a flavor palate to satisfy any craving.

mix and match

mix and match the perfect snack

I'm not the only one- Killington empanada love

I’m not the only one- Killington empanada love

A big lunch on the mountain can slow you down for the rest of the day but these little bites provide just enough energy to keep you going until the lifts close.

Ana’s Empanadas, Killington Mountain, Skyeship midstation at the Northbrook Quad, 802 422 3177, $7- 12

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