that find: one voluntourist at a time


Voluntourism is one of the buzzwords taking the travel world by storm. We’ve arrived at a point where travelers are insisting they do more with their vacation time. Rather than sit solely on a beach tucked safely away from any authentic interaction (don’t get me wrong, I love a good beach vacay), travel trends are now thankfully hitting a social obligation stride.

Spend my vacation volunteering? Sounds like a great idea, why not?

If you’ve ever checked the price of volunteering abroad one quickly realizes why more often than not, the inclination to volunteer abroad stops at the thought. Voluntourism is expensive. Far more expensive than simply just going on vacation. The locations are often a little harder (and pricier) to get to and the cost of covering insurance, housing, program and administration fees, astronomical. While one may be willing to give their precious vacation time, also giving so much of their hard earned money is another story.

That’s where International Volunteer HQ comes in. Aimed at providing safe and affordable volunteer experiences abroad, IVHQ works with developing communities across the globe in order to best benefit those in need and making voluntourism affordable for those who want to help.

By making the international volunteer experience an actual possibility, IVHQ can provide critical aid and assistance as well as increase social knowledge and awareness for all parties involved. With programs in 20 countries across the globe covering areas ranging from medical assistance to teaching English and more, IVHQ is slowly changing the world, one voluntourist at a time.

For more information on International Volunteer HQ and their work, or to even apply visit their official site.

As for me? I’m heading to Quito, Ecuador to work with street children on their program in just over a month. Stayed tuned for what is sure to be a life changing ride.

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