that find: sockets of the world

No more are the days of adapters and converters. I’ve grown a collection of electric equipment from around the world- I find that converters never really seem to work all that well, especially when used with hair dryers and the like. So instead of continually having to run to a fuse box or risk blowing out my electronics, I just purchase what I need along the way, wherever I go.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a collection but remembering which device is used where is a whole new ball game. I find when traveling I am always looking for outlet data, images of electric sockets from around the world. I don’t know what type A, B or C plugs mean but I do know what my plugs look like.

That’s where this comes in: an ultra handy socket map of the world designed to solve all your outlet woes.

sockets of the world

sockets of the world

Still confused? will solve any lingering electric confusion.

Plug on.



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