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I love to travel, but don’t exactly enjoy flying. Dealing with security and the TSA is no walk in the park, flights have become the definition of pay-as-you-go economies and the general feeling of containment is never something I look forward to. However, it’s the general feeling of dishevelment I feel coming off the plane that perhaps bothers me most. When I land in a new (or any) destination, I’d like to ideally be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ready to go off and explore my newfound surroundings. Rather, I disembark visibly tired, puffy and ashen in color.

Fortunately, former classmate and fellow blogger Alexis Wolfer feels my pain. The most recent post on her enlightening beauty-centric blog The Beauty Bean shares her time tested travel friendly beauty finds from around the world. Featuring products from eye-drops to hair holders these five finds are sure to lessen your and my travel woes.

Brought to you directly from The Beauty Bean and Alexis herself:

Collyre Bleu Eye Drops ($22.50). Makeup artist Karina Montoya of Wonderland Beauty Parlor once used these bright blue eye drops to brighten my tired eyes on a long video shoot and I never forgot about how the bold blue drops instantly revived my dry, red and visibly tired eyes. Needless to say, when I saw my travel schedule, I immediately ordered them online and they were just as quickly added to my sandwhich bag of airplane must haves. Other than having to worry about getting them on your clothes (they stain!) these blue eye drops straight from France are a hydrating and brightening eye essential.

Yes To Blueberries Brightening Eye Roller ($19.99). When it comes to looking awake straight off a red eye (or just when seriously jet lagged), Yes To Blueberries Brightening Eye Roller is the way to go. It’s 99% naturally age-defying and antioxidant rich botanicals stimulate circulation, brighten dark circles and fight free radicals while the cooling ball rolls away puffiness and stress. Now that I’m back home, this is going in my desk drawer too.

Egyptian Magic ($37.20). Rumor has it that Kate Hudson slathers this on her face before overnight flights and, well, now I do too. (This pretty much makes us besties, right?!) I discovered this product at Liberty department store in London but with a brutal conversion rate ordered it online and immediately added it to my beauty routine. The olive oil and honey based balm is greasy, so it’s not for the easily embarassed on long flights – but for all of you for whom landing beautifully is worth the expense of having your seat mates make fun of you, this is the way to go – and, no, it won’t clog pores!

Colgate Wisps ($7.99). When brushing your teeth is impossible (or just questionably sanitary when it comes to using airplane sink water), Colgate Wisps keep plaque and bad breath at bay. They’re better than any piece of gum – although I do stock up on the new Trident Vitality Zen gum before flights as well.

Goody Spin Pins ($6.49). When it comes to keeping your hair looking its best, even when you’ve been sleeping with your head pressed up against an airplane window, Goody Spin Pins are lifesavers! Divide hair like you would if you were to make pigtails, twist each half away from your face and use the corkscrew like pins to secure each half in a bun, Princess Leah style. (Again, not for the easily embarrassed, but you’ll walk off the plane with salon-worthy style!)

The Beauty Bean’s essential travel picks, ©Alexis Wolfer

I just ordered the Collyre Bleu Eye Drops which will arrive just in time for my 20+ hours in the air en route to Vietnam. I’ll be sure to report on how well they managed to revitalize my eyes but with Alexis’ beauty expertise I’m sure my eyes are in good hands.

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