that place: top five tel aviv

Those of you who know me know Tel Aviv is my favorite city. I go every year to visit family, hang with friends and chill on the beach. When I am in Tel Aviv, I am home.

For those who have never been, the city, the language, the unfamiliar can be daunting. So for you, here are my top five things I love to do and about  Tel Aviv.

5. Fashion: the city were questionable and fabulous collide

half the people look like they are still in 1992

the north end of Dizengoff Street is known for great boutiques and fashion finds: Banker is my favorite shopping stop

Banker, Dizengoff 210, +972 3 529 0358, Sun- Thurs 10 AM- 8:30 PM, Fri 10 AM-  3:30 PM

4. Nightlife: breakfast anyone?

Jimmy Who Bar, Otto, Galina and Pineapple Club are some of this year’s hot spots

Jimmy Who, Rothschild 24, +972 50 712 1209/ 666 7337

Otto, Ibn Gvirol 76, +972 77 414 5053

Galina, Hanger 19 Tel Aviv Port, +972 52 507 555

Pineapple Club, Hanger 23, Tel Aviv Port, +972 54 799 1700 

3. Cafe Culture: cool coffee shops and hip cafes rule the streets day and night (my favorites below)

for coffee: Cafe Jeremiah

for breakfast: Benedict

for fish: Barbunia

for the scene: Goocha

Cafe Jeremiah, Dizengoff 36, +972, 57 944 4050, Sun- Fri 7:30 AM- 2 AM, Sat 8:30 AM- 2 AM

Benedict, Ben Yehuda 171, +972 3 544 0345, 24 hours

Barbunia, Ben Yehuda 192, +972 3 527 5252, Sat- Thurs 10 AM- 12 AM, Fri 12- 6 PM

Goocha, Dizengoff 171, +972 3 522 2886, Sun- Sat 12 PM- 2 AM

2.  The Shuk: old world meets new

go for the restaurants…

… and take home the food

Shuk HaCarmel, at the intersection of Allenby and Nachalat Binyamin, Sun- Thurs 8 AM- dark, Fri 8 AM- 2 PM


Gordon snapshots

Tel Aviv beach scene

in Tel Aviv: my favorite is Gordon Beach (Gordon St. and Hayarkon)

if you have a car: Hof HaTzuk (up the coast on the border of Herzliya) 

One response to “that place: top five tel aviv

  1. I love T.A. so much! and although I don’t have family there, I also feel like I’m home. it’s weird but amazing, freaky but so nice. love & peace to everyone!

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