just because: it’s that time of year

Dear Faithful Followers,

The time has come for me to start finalizing plans for my annual New Year’s Adventure. This years trip: Asia Red-Dux 2.0.  Trusty travel mate Krystina and I will journey to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam for two and a half weeks of South East Asian bliss. Though I’ve been to Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is new and I’m always looks for tips and tidbits from my fellow travelers. Thanks to Lonely Planet, I know Krystina and I will already be soaring through the sunset in Halong Bay, but what are your other “must-do’s”?!

As always, your travel advice is greatly appreciated! Stay tuned to see how the trip pans out and for entries about our time in the land of the morning calm.

Looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with!

Yours Truly,


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