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Ever find yourself in an area you don’t know with no idea of what’s around? Green Maps are working to change just that. Engaged with over 800 communities in 65 countries, the system works to plot out green living, nature and cultural points of interest. With a focus on getting locals involved in the mapping process, Green Maps promote authentic and sustainable tourism development across the globe.

The adaptable map making tools, universal icons and multilingual features transform local information into global interaction. Anyone can sign up to create their own Green Map for a nominal fee, or browse through the current Green Maps on the site for free. The mobile version (only $1.99) displays nearby mapped locations by current location, address or icon and allows users to add to the Green Maps in real time.

Green Maps are updated regularly by users, with new maps added to the system almost daily. To check out this fantastic project and perhaps create a Green Map of your own, visit the official project site at

I’m currently working on my own Green Map! Eating Culture: A Culinary Tour of Israel will be up soon!

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