that find: a concert for a cause

Concerts are fun, but when they actually do some good on a global level, they are all the (much) better. On Saturday, September 29th Neil Young with Crazy Horse, the Foo Fighters and the Black Keys will headline the Global Festival in Central Park’s Great Lawn.

Tickets to the event are free, but in order to enter the lottery to receive them, attendees are required to take action in the effort to relieve extreme poverty. By signing up to be a Global Citizen, concert go-ers earn points towards tickets by signing petitions, sharing information and partaking in various charitable activities. Once participants have earned three points, they are automatically entered into the ticket lottery. Ticket winners will be chosen at random over the entire month leading up to September 29th. If selected, you’ll get two tickets for you and a friend to enjoy.

Want to be sure you get your concert tix? Global Citizen is selling a limited amount of VIP entries to the event starting at $189. All proceeds benefit Global Citizen and their sponsored causes. To purchase your VIP tickets, click here.

Whether attending for free or buying your way in, the Global Festival is a great way to help end extreme poverty and bring attention to a fantastic cause.

Full event information can be found by visiting

See you there on the 29th!
Global Festival, Central Park Great Lawn, September 29th 5 PM, free- $689.50

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