that find: two things i love

Airplane food has long been the butt of many jokes. Mush on rice with a side of wilting lettuce and plastic wrapped bread is unfortunately, de rigueur. With the paltry meal options available in flight many travelers are taking to being their own on board.

Flyers out of NYC’s Laguardia airport at in luck. Delta will be filling their newly anointed Terminal C with some of the city’s tastiest treats. Italian chef extraordinaire Michael White will open Cotto, serving far more than simple pizza and pasta fare. Andrew Carmellini will be bringing Victory Grill and Minnow and Balthazar alums, Anne Burrell and Artichoke Basil will all be opening spots as well. Add in some Pat LaFrieda meet and an appearance by food network personality Andrew Zimmern and you’ve got the recipe for the hottest space on the NYC dining scene.

Finally, your stomach can be as excited as you are to fly. You’ll actually want to get to the airport early.

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