that find: count ’em up

With all the rewards programs out there, from airlines mileage to hotel points, keeping track of your status can be a difficult task. With all the partner programs, passwords and reward redemption rules it’s hard to believe anyone’s managed to figure the system out.

The latest trend in travel has our solution. Online mileage tracker are making their debut. Though each site varies slightly, collectively, the will store your passwords and programs displaying your latest balances, while keeping track of expiration dates. Sites such as TripIt take user friendliness a step further and offer iPhone and iPad optimized apps. Alternatively, MileWise works to solve our new age dilemma: do I book using cash, miles or points? Delivering flight searches in all three “currencies” deciding which provides the best value has become a lot easier.

Sites that help to keep your rewards straight:

MileBlaster: particularly good at tracking miles and alerting user to expiry dates. What’s the point in amassing all the miles if you don’t use them, right?

AwardWallet: in addition to keeping your miles in order, AwardWallet provides users with a wallet friendly loyalty card listing all their programs and account numbers.

TripIt: iPhone and iPad optimized apps so that you can check your reward balances on the go.

MileWise: search for flights using cash, mileage and points “currencies”.

PointHub: cash vs. point searches with the added bonus of informing users of airlines perks associated with rewards used.

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