that place: a new dock

After January’s disastrous Costa Concordia accident, many are not looking towards a cruise as their next adventure. With the rise of new and exciting port developments around the globe, that may just be a mistake. Cities are turning their focus to the cruise industry, hoping to lure tourists to their shores. These new destinations offer visitors a chance to explore the unexpected and in some cases not fully discovered.

If you’re one of the brave ones still hoping to set sail in 2012 here’s the short list of ports that should top your list:

With upcoming Olympic Games and World Cup competitions the Rio De Janiero is on the brink of becoming a major destination. The city is investing millions to create venues suitable for tourism including the renovation of Pier Maua. With culture, beaches, beauty and a bustling nightlife this Brazilian city is not one to miss.

Though a culinary capital, modern metropolis and Asian business hub Singapore has been a little hard to get to. All that is changing in the upcoming year. A new terminal opening in 2012 will double ship capaicty making this Asian hub finally easier to reach. With everything the city-state has to offfer you should certainly take advantage.

Never before having mainland access to cruiseliners, Honduras will open a port in the city of Trujillo. Once regulated to island beaches, visitors to the Central American nation by boat will now have access to sites such as the Capiro Calentura mountain preserve and the Campo del Mar monkey sanctuary.

Flights sold out for this summers Olympic Games? Not to worry, London has you covered. The international mega city and host of the 2012 Summer Olympics is set to open a new cruise terminal close to Central London before the games begin. The port is part of a larger project to restore the once popular historic Enderby Wharf. With it’s location on the Thames, the new port will allow cruise tourists to get right up into the center of the action.

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