that dish: it’s a bad day to be a chicken

This Sunday, February 5th, the Giants and the Patriots will face off in Indianapolis for Superbowl XLVI. For some people this means a great football game. For most people this means an excuse to indulge in ways only acceptable and even expected on this day. For me, that means chicken wings.

yummy kyochon wings, can't wait for sunday!

My favorite wing purveyor in NYC, is beloved Korean fried chicken specialists, KyoChon. South Koreans have a way with fried chicken. The popular snack is spicy, crunchy and non greasy all at the same time. In fact, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many, Korean fried Chicken is simply the best and KyoChon sits on top of the Korean chicken ratings.

Korean chicken wings drastically differ from their American counterparts. American fried chicken relies on a thick, well seasoned crust, often enhanced by the use of buttermilk. While delicious when done right, the crust to chicken ratio is often off, leaving either the chicken or the skin not fully cooked. Koreans fry their chicken in a radically different way. Their frying technique renders out the fat in the skin, transforming it into a paper thin crackly shield. Twice fried (to slow the cooking process), the chicken manages to remain juicy and moist while cooked totally through. With sauce (soy garlic or hot & sweet) or without, these wings are divine.

KyoChon, 319 5th Ave @ 32nd Street, 212 725 9292, Sun- Wed 11- 12 AM, Thurs- Sat 11- 2 AM

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