that time: not your grandmother’s bingo

If your idea of bingo night involves a room full of grannies, you’ve got it all wrong. Rebel Bingo is a wildy outrageous game of bingo played more like an underground rave. Described by it’s founders as “dangerous” and “addictive” the event is shrouded in secrecy. Guests don’t know where the party is unless they’ve bought a ticket and even then the location is disclosed only a few days before. The only thing certain: you’ve never experienced a game of bingo quite like this.

rebel bingo crowd, rebel bingo markers

The game itself is a crazy one. Hundreds of revelers pack into spaces consisting of basements and warehouses to begin the renegade game. Markers are bingo cards are handed out  and party goers are directed to the bar with electric music blasting in the background. Finally an MC takes the stage and the games begin. While actual bingo is played (and a winner announced) it seems that most choose to scribble  on their contemporaries instead. Under the disco lights the magic markers turn into accessories, pickup lines and practical jokes on friends.

nicole at lor's rebel bingo birthday celebration

Those attending be prepared to drink, dance, get drawn on, play dirty, hardcore bingo in secret and participate in all around debauchery. With meeting locations in Europe, New York, Las Vegas and Miami amongst others and tickets starting as low as $5, there’s no reason not to make it to the next one.

For as much event info as you can get as well as a schedule of cities and dates visit .

New Yorkers, you’re in luck, the next meeting is in Williamsburg on January 28th. Get your tickets here. SHHHHH…..


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