that place: a tale of two volcanos

In t-minus three weeks Krystina and I will be boarding a plane to the archipelago nation of the Philippines. Our journey’s mostly planned (and not planned for excitement) but we have a day to fill.Our quest is simple: to escape gritty Manila for a day and experience the natural beauty of the Philippines sans beach (we’ll be doing plenty of beaching in the following week).

The Philippines have quite a variety of natural wonders to chose from. From the chocolate hills of Bohol, to the dozens of volcanos and the Subterranean River National Park the hard part is not trying to figure out what to do but rather figuring out how to do it all.

After looking into our options we’ve narrowed it down to two:

the vibrant water at mount pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano that in 1991 surprised the nation and erupted. The crater Lake Pinatubo, was formed as a result. Today the volcano and crater are a popular option for a day trip out of bustling Manila. Our day at Pinatubo would begin with a 4 x 4 ride up the bumpy path from the base camp to the jump off. From here we would have the option of either a 2.5 hour trek through rugged terrain with incredible views or a one hour relatively easy hike up up a skyway access trail. Afterwards, boating through turqouise waters of the volcanic lake and lunch await. Our reward for our physically straining day? A trip to the famed Pinatubo Spa Town for a visit to the hot springs, volcanic ash spa and massage.

crater lake at the taal volcano

If the Taal Volcano and beckons us instead, we’ll have the opportunity to see the rarity of a lake within a volcano within a lake. A visit to the smallest active volcano in the world would begin at the lookout point at Tagaytay Ridge with its spectacular views of Taal Island, Lake Taal and Mount Macolod in the distance. One short ride on a motorized outrigger to the village of Talisay later and we’d begin the trek up the volcano rim along black sandy trails with incredible views. After reaching the summit it’ll be back to the mainland for lunch and watersports.

So, now, my question to you: Mount Pinatubo or the Taal Volcano and Crater Lake?!? 

Click submit below to tell me what you think Krystina and I should do!

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