that dish: heavenly hummus

Nestled amongst the winding intertwining streets of Old Jerusalem, right off the Via Dolorosa (yes THAT Via Dolorosa), is some of the world’s best hummus. After my mother’s, it may just be the best hummus I’ve ever had. For those who don’t have Ima as their mom, it probably is the best hummus they will ever have.

abu shukri exterior

The said dish, a silky mash up seasoned chickpeas, tahini and olive oil, is found in the small stall of a restaurant Abu Shukri. The family owned joint does not earn high marks for its decor. It’s the kind of place that consists of a few cracked Formica tables and off balanced chairs jammed in next to each other where you get to know your dining neighbor rather quickly.  Rather, Abu Shukri  is known solely for its food, and the star dish the hummus. Don’t expect to find the far flung flavors we’ve become accustomed to on our supermarket shelves. No thai chili, roasted red pepper or jalapeno hummus can be found here. Rather, Abu Shukri serves the dish plain with the choice to garnish with more chickpeas, pine nuts or tomatoes. To accompany the puree: a few crunchy sour pickles, middle eastern olives, warm pita and stupendous falafel.

aba enjoying is hummus

the hummus

good, but not as good, local competition

Jerusalem and the Old City have many reasons to warrant a visit. Abu Shukri is on the top of that list.

Abu Shukri, 63 Al Wad Road (@ the Via Dolorosa) , breakfast- late lunch, cash only

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