that find: a pic and a read

It’s that time of year. The time of year, when the Jews eat Chinese food, lot’s of Chinese food.

sentiments I'm sure felt at Chinese restaurants everywhere this time of year

I first came across this image on a friends facebook page last week. Them Tom Colicchio got his hands on it and I decided I needed to get it out there as well. There is something interesting about the link between the Jews and Chinese food. It’s as important a holiday tradition to American Jewish culture as any.

This connection of cuisine and culture is an interesting one to say the least. I can pretend to wax poetic on the subject, but in all honesty, my expertise stops at knowing to make a reservation at Fuleen Seafood Restaurant for Christmas Eve a few weeks out every year. Josh Ozersky, however, has mastered the topic. A Jewish guy from Brooklyn he has become the public face of the Chinese restaurant. Ozersky’s recent article in TIME explores the correlation between the two cultures and is at the very least an interesting quick read. I’d re-post it here for you but I’m afraid it may infringe on some copyright issues I don’t particularly feel like dealing with. Instead, here’s the link so you can read “Why Do the Jews Love Chinese Food” for yourself.

Moo Shoo anyone??

Fuleen Seafood Restaurant, 11 Division Street, 212 941 6888, daily 11- 3:30 AM

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