that time: i drank to november

Munich may be a far ways away, but this past weekend the hops were just a few steps away. iAdventure  hosted a beer tasting down at 82 Mercer offering over 100 brews from all over the world. Beer lovers united to toast award-winning stouts, lagers, pivos, and pilsners and taste Little Town provided snacks inspired by the countries that brewed them.

With my love of both beer and festivals, attending the first annual event was a given. Randy and I headed down to Soho for the first of two night sessions. Thanks to our deal from we scared the $100 Ultra VIP tickets for a mere $50.

Take a peak at what we found there below :)

cheers to the beginnings of our tasting

the Illinois based Goose Island team serving their brews

favorite brews

My favorite sips of the night included Louisiana based Abita’s Restoration Ale, Sam Adam’s Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Goose Island Fleur and Massachusetts brewed Pretty Things Baby Tree.

Bottoms up!

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