that time: i channelled snooki

Yesterday the New Amsterdam Market played host to the Peck Slip Pickle Festival. Lover of salty treats that I am, I had to go check it out for myself. Take a stroll with me through the market below…


so many varieties of pickled treats, gotta love mamma o and her kimchi dogs, my fav pickles of the day: spicy sour from Glen Cove based Horman's Best Pickles

other yummy goods and snacks at New Amsterdam

Though the pickle festival may have been one day only, the New Amsterdam Market is around all year long. Head over on Sunday between 11AM- 4PM for your chance to browse and buy from small businesses such as butchers, grocers, mongers and other vendors who source, produce, distribute and sell foods made with regional ingredients as well as carefully selected imports.

New Amsterdam Market, 224 Front Street, 11AM- 4PM, Sundays only

Horman’s Best Pickles: for daily locations updated daily

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