that dish: chicago’s finest

Chicago has an impressive food scene, the star of which is undoubtedly the overloaded deep dish. Though most Chicago pizzerias offer the famous pies, Giordano‘s of Chicago has perfected the art of the deep dish. The chain has been stuffing America with it’s pizzas since the mid 1970’s and has become, to say the least, a city institution.

On a recent  jaunt to the city (more on that Friday) I had no choice but to make a pit stop and try Giordano’s for myself. The typical wait for a pie at any Chicago pizza establishment hovers around 45 minutes and Giordano’s was no exception. Coupled with the 45 minute wait for the table, “grabbing a slice” takes on a whole new meaning. In the game for a while, Giordano’s has streamlined the system by having patrons pre-order their pies when putting down their names. Our choice? The signature Spinach Pie.

And little less than an hour later, the result….

giordano's grub: worth every minute

With 13 locations in the heart of the city and 31 more in the ‘burbs, locating a Giordano’ outpost is luckily an easy feat. Finishing a pie? Now that’s the challenge.

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